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Lighting effects can bring a new dimension of elegance to any garden during the evening. Enhancing landscape installations with low voltage lighting has many possibilities.

Among them are up lighting, down lighting, moonlight effects, spot lighting, well lighting, and path lighting. For the ultimate in safety, fiber optic lighting is used for water feature illumination. We offer a wide range of lighting options and catalogs to help with the selection process. Customizing lighting systems for individual gardens is a Serrascape specialty.



We install all Lighting Systems including:

  • FX Luminaire, SPJ Lighting, Vista, Dabmar, Kim, Beachside Lighting, Hadco, and custom fixtures
  • Low voltage and line systems
  • Moon lighting, tree lighting, path lighting, waterfall, pond and pool lighting,
  • Design and installation
  • Torches and fire effects
  • Fiber Optics for pool, walkways, and tree specialty
  • Residential and commercial